Shortbread SWEET-Stakes

Shortbread SWEET-Stakes

Make a purchase this month and be a part of our

Shortbread SWEET-stakes!

In case you missed last week's Flathau's Fine Friday: YOU could win free cookies for a year!

How to enter:

Any and all orders placed during the month of December will automatically enter you into our Shortbread SWEET-stakes, in which one lucky winner will receive free cookies for a year!  

The winner will be randomly selected and announced by Jeff Flathau when we get back from the New Year!  Any orders of any value are applicable.

Since you're already here reading this blog post, why not scroll up and add a few things to your cart? 

We are so excited to offer this to our Flathau's Fine Family, so place your orders and we'll see you in 2023!

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