Recycling Initiative

Recycling Initiative
We will officially be starting our Recycling Initiative this upcoming Monday 3/7/22!
For our first project, we are going to be reusing our 6oz and 16oz cans, and 4oz box as planting pots! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to watch them grow!
We want to get you guys involved as well!
Over the years, we've found our customers to be some of the most creative, down to Earth people and we take pride in that! (And you should too!)
Let us know how you think our cans and cartons can be reused!

If your idea(s) is selected you receive the following:

  • A coupon for Free Shipping!
  • Special shoutout on Social Media, Newsletter, and SMS platforms with your permission!
  • We'll even ship it out to you if possible!

On top of all that, the first three selected submissions will get all the above and have the plants named in their honor!

How to Submit Your Ideas
Please Message Us on Social Media!
Be sure to like, and follow when you do!

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