Flathau's Fine Rewards is now Live!

Flathau's Fine Rewards is now Live!

We are excited to announce that we are hosting a beta for our rewards system! As a bonus, we are doubling all points earned over the next 10 days starting today. We will also be integrating the rewards system with our SMS platform so that customers have easy access to their account and points. We hope you enjoy, and please be sure to read below for further information. 

 Earn 5 points for every dollar you spend to redeem some create deals! Our tip is to save your points until holiday season to take some of the worry with holiday shopping. But don't think these rewards are just for gifting, we've got something just for you on your birthday! 

   As of right now, the system awards you 250 points to celebrate your birthday! Which is enough points to get yourself some free cookies!

   This system is still new to us and so we will be adding more deals and better ways to save as time goes on so stay tuned!

*If you have an existing account with Flathau's Fine Foods then just make sure you're logged in and you're all set! Note that signing up for the newsletter is not the same as making an account. 

  This trial period will last for 10 days ending on 3/18/22.*

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