T.G.I.F.F.F.: Thank God It's Flathau's Fine Friday!

T.G.I.F.F.F.: Thank God It's Flathau's Fine Friday!


Thank God It's Flathau's Fine Friday!

Last day of March...what a month!  Let's catch up: 

Floral background with grass at the front; From left to right, products in the middle of the screen are: 1.25 oz Easter Turtle, 6oz Cheese Straws, 8oz Key Lime Snaps, 6oz Lemon Snaps, 6oz Raspberry Snaps, and a trio of 1.25oz and 2oz Robicheaux's Easter Turtles; Sun in the top left corner with text reading "Deal of the Week"; Text in top middle says "20% off entire order"; Yellow arrow coming out of the right side of the screen pointing to center with text reading "Code: SpringIsSprung"; Text at bottom of the screen in the grass says "When you buy at least 3 items from our Spring Collection"

The South had another 'lil cold snap this week, but now that that's over, let's celebrate with some Shortbread Snaps!

Thaw yourself out with Flathau's Fine freshness and take 20% off your entire order when you buy at least 3 items from our Spring Collectionand input code* SpringIsSprung at checkout.

Need a last minute Easter gift?  Have a distant relative you don't want to leave out?  Craving a box full of Canadian candies and Robicheaux's classic Pecan Turtles?

Over $100 value, our Easter Boxes are available right now for just $40 + FREE SHIPPING!  This is the best deal we've offered in a while -- So hop to it!

Background of dewy grass and darker sky; Transparent yellow square sit on top with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that says "The only way to have a friend is to be one"; Large quotation marks at top of square; Bright yellow arrow coming out of the left side of the screen pointing to the square with black text that says "Jeff's Quote of the Week"

And that's all for now!

Thanks for spending the month of March with us, we hope you'll stick around for April!  Be sure to check back in with us every Friday for seasonal products, weekly deals, business reminders, or just see what we're up to! 

Have a Flathau's Fine Friday!

*It is up to you to enter the discount code at check-out.  20% off your order of Spring Must-Haves is not an automatic discount -- You must enter code SpringIsSprung at check-out.  Code is caps sensitive, so type it exactly as you read it or copy & paste.  Again, the code is: SpringIsSprung

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