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All-Natural Shortbread Snaps are the perfect snack or gift.  Once you pick them up, they're hard to put back down.  Available in 7 ounce and vacuum sealed for maximum freshness in an air tight foil-line pouch.

These snaps are perfect for any holiday occasion, other flavors are available in key lime, butterscotch, lemon, peppermint, lemon, and cinnamon.

Height Width  Depth
8.5" 3.5" 3"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Would have loved to have tried these

I was picked a couple months back to try and review these cookies and I was so excited because shortbread is my most favorite thing in the world, but I never received them. I'm really hoping maybe they're still coming. Anyways, I have bought other things from this company and have never been disappointed so I'm pretty positive that these are some very delicious cookies.

Eliza Allred

I was really surprised at how good these cookies are! They are so good that I finished them in one sitting! If you haven’t tried them you really need to!

So crispy and delicious!

I'm telling you that if you have not tried these shortbread cookies then you are missing out. They are absolutely delicious! I was sad to see the last one eaten. I will have to keep my pantry stocked with these little gems. Go try some. I know you will love them as I do.

Jenn Sinclair
Yummy Shortbread snaps🫰

Packaging is so cute and keeps the cookies so fresh. Best shortbread cookies out there! Everyone must try!

Brenda Tarmann
I'm still waiting for my shortbread cookies

Hi I was picked to try a long time ago
(Maddy's sweet shop shortbread snaps)
I never received anything I'm still excited to try I know your busy but please add my
lost shortbread snaps to your calendar to
be sent asap I want to still try!
Thanks💋 xoxo